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Dear Client,

I am Rey. If you are reading this, you must be looking for someone to design your workspaces or home. This is where we step in with our team of dedicated and competent interior designers for all your interior design and renovation needs.

Before starting Design Perspektiv International, I have accumulated much experiences working for an Interior Design firm. Being an interior designer, I hold great pride in my craft. Nothing is more exciting and fulfilling than to see your clients walk into their newly designed working spaces and indulging in the luxury and comfort of their homes and offices.

I am grateful to be able to make an impact for the local SMEs. Our designs have transformed dull spaces they used to have into exciting spaces from our inspirational designs. Our designs have helped to improve team cohesiveness and productivity.

In 1996, we decided to set up Design Perspektiv International to intimately help our clients to design their work spaces and homes. Over the last 16 years we have been able to provide a more customer-oriented approach in our interior design for our clients to enjoy outstanding service without compromising quality and efficiency.

To date, we had done a few rounds of repeat renovations for our customers and clientele. The loyalty from these repeat customers is a testimony of our good works and is truly satisfying.

Here at Design Perspektiv International, we follow a framework we term  “SPEED” – Service, Precision, Ergonomic, Efficiency, Delivery).

Our core values are Efficiency, Service and Project delivery.

Service: We believe in being a customer centric company and we have this mission to provide excellent customer service. We are committed to after sales service in tandem with our mission statement  ‘ building relations to design’.

Precision: A talented team of detail-oriented designers to ensure precision and zero defects to transform concepts into reality crafts quality plans.

Efficiency:  One of the roles of the interior designer is project management where we efficiently co-ordinate and manage the project execution in very quick time without compromising on quality and minimizing delays.

Ergonomics: Spaces that are ergonomically designed can increase staff’s productivity, provide future planning and minimize space wastage.

Delivery: Our forte in Project Management allows us to execute projects for hand over in very quick time, meeting customer’s expectation all the time. In commercial and retail projects, these are vital due to the limited rent-free period. We are able to achieve all this due to our established support of vendors to ensure flawless delivery.